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Local Exhaust Ventilation Testing

Many people today are exposed to a variety of substances at work, for example Chemicals, Fumes, Dust and fibres which can, under certain circumstances, have a harmful effect on their health. These hazardous substances can cause harm by being inhaled or absorbed through the skin and the Health & Safety Executive have set occupational exposure limits for a large number of Hazardous substances at work and publishes them in EH40 which is then updated every year.

LEV is a Ventilation System that takes Dusts, Mists, Gases, Vapours or Fumes out of the Air so that they can not be breathed in and a properly designed Local Exhaust Ventilation system will collect the air that contains the contaminates, Make sure they are contained and taken away from people and Clean the air (if necessary) and get rid of the contaminants Safely.

APEC Environmental testing protocol is designed to ensure that the systems are operating effectively and efficiently and comply with the current regulations and will provide an LEV Testing Service that will include a Qualitative Assessment with Air / Re-circulation System Evaluation, Filter inspections and visual appraisal. 

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